The artists of
Vienna SPIN

From l-r: Leslie Hossack, Abigail Gossage, Barbara Bolton, Patricia Wallace (photo by Chak Wong)

Barbara's website

My favourite way to get to know a city is to wander its streets with only the vaguest of plans, a modus operandi which I invoked last April to coax the windows of Vienna to yield a double take on its building facades and mysterious inhabitants.

Abigail's website

Vienna is a city of music and probably the most important composer associated with the city is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The photographs in Vienna SPIN reflect not only Mozart's scores but my personal experience with his music.

Leslie's website

Having explored Hitlerís Berlin, Stalinís Moscow and Churchillís London, I followed the conflicted events of the 20th century to Dr. Sigmund Freudís pre-war Vienna, birthplace of psychoanalysis. These photographs reveal the consulting rooms where Freud worked for almost 50 years, before fleeing to London to escape the Nazis.

Patricia's website

The intent of my project was to photograph a selection of Baroque palaces, with emphasis on exterior facades, and when possible, interior detail.

Featured in VIENNA SPIN from the series Baroque Splendour: Palaces of Vienna, are the garden facades of the first Baroque palace in the capital, the Leopoldine Wing of the Hofburg Imperial Palace (1666); and the Schönbrunn Palace, the last Baroque palace (1749).